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Adrshya - A Quest For The Unseen

‘Adrshya- A Quest For The Unseen'  (English play):2010 by Mumbai Chyks.
A quest for the Unseen
A Unique play spanning milleniums, awakening pride in our nation & culture, while exploring the depths within to the unseen through SARASWATI 


Why Adrshya? 

The need of the hour is: 
- To work for Developed India
- To be a proud cultural citizen
- To know the Self
There is nothing in the world equal in purity to Knowledge. 
Knowledge is the Key to TRANSFORMATION. 


Through a national level treasure hunt,  Adrshya depicts Saraswati in 3 forms to fulfill the above 3 needs. 
- The unseen river that banked the oldest Indian civilization, further shedding light on the events within history which have literally define us. 
- The ‘unmanifest Goddess’ providing insight into the beauty, depth and strength that is our cultural heritage. 
- ‘The untapped Self-Knowledge’ – the key to individual happiness and global peace; the basic foundation of our culture 

Presented in a light and humorous manner, Adrshya brings to life these profound ideas.

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