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The Chinmaya Mission Pledge

We stand as one family, bound to each other with love and respect.

We serve as an army courageous and disciplined, ever ready to fight against all low tendencies and false values, within and without us.

We live honestly the noble life of sacrifice and service, producing more than what we consume, and giving more than what we take.

We seek the Lord’s Grace to keep us on the path of virtue, courage and wisdom.

May Thy grace and blessings flow through us to the world around us.

We believe that the service of our country is the service of the Lord of Lords, and devotion to the people is the devotion to the Supreme Self. 

We know our responsibilities, give us the ability and courage to fulfill them.


                                      Om Tat Sat

About CM Pledge
About CM Pledge

To Pledge is to promise to oneself

To pledge is to commit to the Higher

To pledge is to resolve to believe

To pledge is to decide to live


To pledge is to pledge…


The Chinmaya Mission pledge was given to us by Swami Chinmayananda in 1964 in Chennai. It talks nothing about Chinmaya Mission in particular, and yet everything about it. It is a universal vision and an organizational passion put together. 


It is not just words and sentences that make the Chinmaya Mission Pledge, it is the graceful determination, holistic evolution and meaningfulness of the Mission.

Let us live the Chinmaya Mission Pledge.

The Pledge

The Pledge

The Pledge
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Chinmaya Mission Pledge Talks by Swami Mitrananda - Talk 1

Chinmaya Mission Pledge Talks by Swami Mitrananda - Talk 1

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Chinmaya Mission Pledge Talks by Swami Mitrananda - Talk 2

Chinmaya Mission Pledge Talks by Swami Mitrananda - Talk 2

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Chinmaya Mission Pledge Talks by Swami Mitrananda - Talk 3

Chinmaya Mission Pledge Talks by Swami Mitrananda - Talk 3

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Chinmaya Mission Pledge Talks by Swami Mitrananda - Talk 4

Chinmaya Mission Pledge Talks by Swami Mitrananda - Talk 4

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CM Pledge Questionnaire
Chinmaya Mission Pledge - A Self  Questionnaire
  • Am I an integral part, not only of the Mission family but also of my own family, bound to my family members with love and respect? If not, why not? Do I blame others for my own deficiencies and faults? What kind of daily relationships do I have with family members?

  • Am I actually ready to fight against all my low tendencies and false values? Do I really know my low tendencies? What are they? Do I know my false values? What are they? If I do know them, am I doing anything about them? 

  • Do I really live honestly? Or is my definition of honesty so flexible that it will suit my dishonest actions also?


  • Am I living a life of sacrifice and service? If I believe so, then what acts of sacrifice and service have I done recently? Has anyone benefited?

  • Am I truly producing more than I consume? Am I giving more than I take? Have my family members, my friends, organizations where I work, and society at large been benefited by these actions of mine?


  • Do I really want to tread the path of virtue, courage and wisdom? Do I realize the practical implications of these words?

  • Do I really seek the Lord's grace? Do I know the meaning of the Lord's grace? Do I deserve it?When does such grace bless me?

  • Do I know all the implications of the word 'Lord'? Who is my Lord? Is it merely a word for me or do I feel His presence at least when I seek his grace? 

  • Do I really believe that His grace and blessings are flowing through me to the world around me? If not, why not?

  • Do I actually believe that the service of my country is the service of the Lord of Lords? Do I know the difference between the Lord, the Lord of Lords and the Supreme Self?

  •  Am I devoted to the people? In what way do I show my devotion? 

  •  Do I know my responsibilities? What are they? Do I know that I have a responsibility even to myself to become a good, ethical, humane, helpful, mature human being?

  • Do I have the ability and courage to fulfill my responsibilities? Can anyone else give me these two virtues? Do I know that God help those who help themselves? What am I doing to increase my ability and courage to enable me to fulfill my responsibilities?

  •  Do I know what Om means/ Tat means/ Sat means? Do I seriously believe in the meanings and their implications?

  • Do I know that the Teachings have to be lived in my daily life, here and now? Do I live them?

Team Work
Team Work

The following extract has been taken from Swami Mitrananda's book, 'Team Work' : 


T - Togetherness

         “ We Stand As One Family “


  • Coming together is the beginning, staying together is the progress, working together is the success

  • The team should always learn to speak in one voice.

  • The spirit of togetherness is invoked in the Indian culture through the ‘Yagna’.

  • Togetherness is the strength of the team.

E - Empathy

          “ Bound To Each Other With Love And Respect “

·         It is the ability of a person to see from the other person’s view point.

·         If there are differences of opinion it should be only issue based and never person based. The team should           be               built with love, respect and friendliness

A – Alertness

        “ We Serve As An Army Courageous And Disciplined.

         Ever Ready To Fight Against All Low Tendencies And False Values Within And Without Us.”

·         Alertness is cultivated by keeping the body and the mind together.

·         An alert mind recognizes the problem in the beginning or even before it occurs. A dull mind recognizes it             only           when it is in crisis.

·         Great people do not have great problems they handle it when it is small.

·         Alertness is a must for a perfect living.

M – Motivation

     “ We Live Honestly The Noble Life Of Sacrifice And Service. “

·         Once the group is motivated they should be educated to motivate others.

·         The team comes first and individual comes next.

·         Though sometimes a great work is achieved by few individuals, the credit should be given to the entire                                  team.

·         The motivated group gets others motivated.

W – Willingness

        “ Producing More Than What We Consume And Giving More Than What We Take. “

·         One should be willing to contribute to the team instead of waiting for the team to contribute.

·         In teamwork ‘Willingness’ is to contribute the best, and accept whatever one gets.

·          As the sun shines the flower blooms, so is the willingness when there is love for cause or the work                                      undertaken.

O – Objective

        “ We Seek The Lord’s Grace To Keep Us On The Path Of Virtue, Courage And Wisdom.”

·         The objective of the team should be to achieve the team’s Vision through short term goals.

·         We Cannot begin a journey without knowing our destination. Similarly, the team cannot function without                              knowing its objective.

·         At the rise of a conflict among the team, Every member must be reminded about the Team’s objective.

·         The ultimate objective of the individual and the team should culminate in the welfare of the humanity at                                large.

·         The team must be inspired to have a noble value system.

R – Respect

         “ May Thy Grace And Blessings Flow Through Us To The World Around Us. “

·         No matter whatever is the contribution done by the teammates, they must be respected.

·         Everyone one must have respects and reverence to the Supreme for bestowing certain achievements                                    through them.

·         It is not the pompous who is respected in the long run, but the humble one.

·         Respect cannot be demanded but commanded.

K – Karma Yoga

         “ We Believe That The Service Of Our Country Is The Service Of The Lord Of Lords 

          And Devotion To The People Is The Devotion To The Supreme Self.“

·         Dedicated action would always have a touch of excellence.

·         Dedication is a must for propriety.

·         A true worker always shares..Selflessness is the antidote for selfishness.

·         We get back what we do to others.

         “ We Know Our Responsibilities. Give Us The Ability And Courage To Fulfill Them.

·         The pledge is perfect manual for the individuals growth as well as for a progressive Team-Work.

                                                                                                                 ------- By Swami Mitrananda

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