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About TITI


We dream of a Prosperous and a Just India.

We seek a united and truly educated India.

We need a corruption-free and efficient India.

Everyone thinks about what they need from India.

Have we ever thought what India needs from us?

If I need a new India, India needs a new me.

India is what we the people make it.

5 decades of independence, more than 10000 years of recorded history, more than 1 billion people, 686 districts, and one Nation – a Nation still awaiting a transformation – not in the laws and the roads merely, but in the very core of its existence, its very soul, its people.  

It's not some book we came up with. It's not the national quiz competition we conducted. It's not these presentations we made and the workshops we conduct. It's not just an event, but it's a 'Movement'.

Fight for Independence, was not an event, it was a Movement. And a Movement is not static, but it's dynamic. This Dynamism is reflected in the Transformation that we have seen in the past 2 years.

When our parent's generation was in school, their textbooks read "India is an underdeveloped country, a 3rd world country. USA, Russia and Great Britain are developed countries."

 How would a youngster feel when he reads that? How can one develop respect for one's motherland? But it was true, we had our problems.

 In the 90s, our textbooks read, "India and Pakistan are 'developing' countries." Some improvement, but we were compared to Pakistan, and we knew we were better than that for sure. Still, USA, Russia and western European countries are developed countries... And China emerging as a force too.

Today, India is a 'Potential Super Power'.

Why do you think the British Prime Ministers wife welcomes our PM in a Sari? Why is it that Diwali is celebrated in the white house in 2016 and made the official festival of USA. Indians have been there for decades, but why now?

Strength respects strength. Power acknowledges power.

We still have our problems no doubt. But,

A wave of positive change has begun and is rising steadily. If the youth of India do not come together now, I don't know when we will.

The plan is simple.

Many focus on bringing about a change in India without bringing about a change in themselves and that makes us a nation of hypocrite youngsters with opinions on everything and substance on nothing, falling for everything but standing up for nothing.


7 levels of Transformation - ​

  • Physical Transformation

  • Emotional Transformation

  • Intellectual Transformation

  • Patriotic Transformation

  • Cultural Transformation

  • Spiritual Transformation

  • Universal Transformation

We believe that if a person can transform in each of these 7 levels, then that is the holistic Transformation of a person.

 Individual perfection alone leads to world redemption. 

 I Transform, India Transforms!

 You Transform, India Transforms!

 We Transform, India Transforms!

Transforming Indians to Transform India is an attempt by Chinmaya Mission to transform that core of the country with the vision… My Transformation Transforms Nation

We proudly present a 3-year National movement Transforming Indians to Transform India – a nationwide movement carried through in a quiz, written about in a book and lived by an entire country…

The movement was launched on 15th August 2012, the nation has begun the Transformation. Many Indians are joining it. 


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