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Objectives of AICHYK Council:-

All India Chinmaya Yuva Kendra was conceived by Pujya Gurudev Swami Chinmayananda to: -

  1. To create a central hub of office bearers exclusively dedicated to coordinate the Youth activities of Chinmaya Mission all over the country.

  2. To receive time to time instructions and guidelines from the Global head of the Chinmaya Mission and inform all the Chinmaya Mission Centres & their CHYK Council

  3. To support every Mission Centre with enough material and logistics for the development of CHYK

  4. To help every centre to organize youth related programs such as camps etc

  5. To visualize, plan and execute National Programmes inspiring the youth with vision and dynamic action.

  6. To create a strong team of ‘Future Leaders’ at the National Level.

  7. To organize Annual Conference of AICHYK to march   ahead with a greater Vision both for Individuals & the Country.

  8. To bring out the International Monthly of CHYK – Chinmaya Udghosh and to maintain the CHYK Website. 

Functions of Zonal Directors: -

  1. Zonal Directors are to visit all the CHYK Centres in their Zone once a year.

  2. Report to Pujya Guruji (AICHYK Chairman) from time to time.

  3. Inform about the CHYK Status and work to the Regional Head (s) of their Zone

  4. Aim to Organise one Zonal Camp in a Year as well as encourage State Coordinators to organise one State level camp every year in their respective states

Functions of State Coordinators: -

  1. State Coordinators to visit all the CHYK Centres in their state twice in a Year if possible or at least once in a Year.

  2. Being in touch with the Chinmaya Mission centres of the state for encouragement and also helps them in organising Youth activities.

  3. Ensuring the proper running of the CHYK Classes in all the centres of their state through regular contacts

  4. Planning activities for different centres in consultation with different CM Centres

  5. Receive Monthly reports and send concise reports to Regional Heads & Zonal Director

Functions of State Council Members: -

  1. Council Members are to assist the State Coordinator. 

  2. Follow up the work by being in touch with the centres regularly.

  3. Accompanying State Coordinator wherever possible & required in visiting CHYK centres of their State.

  4. Helping the centres in implementing the programmes and also organising camps etc

AICHYK Conference


Launched by Pujya Gurudev Swami Chinmayananda, the CHYK centers from across the country meet every year, in an initiative to share, learn and evolve together. CHYK Conferences set apart the youth wing of Chinmaya Mission as a national movement. 

It helps recognize the centers doing active work as also those who need greater support and attention.
It helps map the progress of CHYK and plan to reach to newer audiences.It is a massive inspiration to the youth-workers and volunteers to meet and interact with various youth-leaders & Acharyas from across the nation. 

29th AICHYK Conference
Youth Today
Youth Today Video
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