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"The evolutionary path is an uphill struggle, in ourselves, with ourselves." 

Why Camps

 Dare to question and gain clarity in thought

Strike a chord by interacting with diverse youngsters from all over the country 

DROP your inhibitions by engaging in activities that you once feared and see yourself transform into an improved version 2.0

Unique camps that strike a perfect balance among a wide range of activities such as debates,dance sessions,treks,satsangs and much more..


CHYK camps are exactly like other adventure camps you may have attended, but with a twist. Instead of mindlessly going from one activity to the other, CHYK camps are balanced out with activities like treks, treasure hunts, dream runs and dance sessions as well as thought-provoking discussions and debates, where every question from ‘What is my true passion?’ to ‘What is love?’ has been debated and discussed at length.

There are many types of camps held throughout the year in centres across the globe – Global CHYK Camps, National Camps and Adventure Camps

In case, this seems interesting, then keep checking this space for more, because there’s no better way to get introduced to CHYK!









3-4 days

Camp Overview
Why Camps


Yashaswani K S

Seekers in Sikkim: My memorable camp with CHYK

Nestled in the quaint capital of Gangtok, right in the lap of the Himalayas, I had an unforgettable experience as a camper with the Chinmaya Yuva Kendra. It was in the summer of 2007, I was just an enthusiastic teenager at the brink of many exciting possibilities. “Seek Him in Sikkim” was more than a camp for me then. It was an opportunity for me to connect with like-minded people, go on treks and arduous journeys through mountains with friends from school, satsang with immensely dynamic and inspiring Acharyas and finally, a chance to explore an unknown part of India.

The camp text was “Demand Ashtakam- My Shopping List” by Swami Chinmayananda. In early morning sessions and evening informal satsangs with camp acharyas- Swami Mitrananda and Swami Swatmananda- a group of 100 odd youngsters dove 

deep into an inward journey. On the outer side, white water rafting in Teesta, cricket matches, bhajans and dancing kept us wanting for more.

During our stay in Sikkim, we also took a trip to Nathu La Pass on the Indo-China border and trekked to Hanuman Tok, a temple maintained by the Indian Army. With just the right combination of fun, learning, patriotism, friendship and introspection, seeking Him in Sikkim transformed my life for good.

Ananth Kumbla

"Just Like That" was my first ever camp and the only regret I have was not attending Chyk Camps earlier. The three days at Kolvan was truly exhilirating and an enlightening experience. It began with the ice-breaker which brought out the singer and the actor in me. I found my long lost joy for singing during the evening bhajans. The debate session brought out the Arnab Goswami in me while the Treasure Hunt allowed me to exercise my team management and leadership skills. Swamiji's talks on Karma Yoga left me wide mouthed,astonished and gave me the much needed clarity for taking baby steps in wanting to know more about Vedanta.
The JLT camp was a much needed antidote for me and post the camp I saw myself slowly transforming JUST LIKE THAT.

Aravind Raghavan

“Master Your Mind and you master the world” is an age old adage that we keep coming across both in the so-called “material world” and in spirituality. However understanding what exactly constitutes “mastering the mind” and that there is a definite method to cure the madness of the mind was the fundamental learning i got from the MY Mind camp.

 Swamiji (Swami Swatmananda) also made it a point to link the teachings of the Gita with our day-to-day experiences to help us relate to it and reflect on its application in our lives.  The movie and the group discussion on certain aspects of it really brought clarity regarding the concepts of freewill and destiny.

Mere learning is never enough!!

Listening + Reflection + Discussion + Experience = Inspiration. That was how MY mind felt after the MY mind camp.


Global CHYK Camps

Global CHYK Camp (GCC) takes place in the beautiful campus of Chinmaya International Residential School, Coimbatore in Tamil Nadu. The 7-day long retreat is usually hosted around December 25th every year, giving youth between the age of 18-35 a chance to meet other like-minded people from all across the globe with the most interesting sessions by Swami Swaroopananda, Global Head of Chinmaya Mission along with some of the most creative and inspiring Acharyas of the Mission.

National CHYK Camps

National CHYK Camps bring together a huge number of youngsters from across the country for 3 to 5 days, where bhajan sessions are as frequent as early morning treks and enthusiastic discussions about all that has been spoken about by the Acharyas in-charge. 

Adventure Camps

Adventure Camps are exactly what you’d think they are. From water rafting to rappelling, flying fox to mountain climbing, if there’s an adrenaline junkie inside you waiting to burst forth, come join us, but we do things the CHYK way! Whispers and chants of ‘I Can I Will ! I Must !’ are frequently heard among the campers as everyone faces their fears and comes out victorious on the other side! These camps are usually conducted on weekends, so don’t let anything come in the way of a thrilling experience, with the added advantage of being able to grasp complex concepts of Vedanta experientially. 

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