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The 29th All India Chinmaya Yuva Kendra Conference

Poorna Kumbha
Skit by YEP 10
Lighting the lamp
Acharya group
Swanubhuti vatika-4_opt
Ice breaking session-3_opt
Ice breaking session-2_opt

The 29th All India Chinmaya Yuva Kendra Conference began with Poojya Swami Swaroopananda, Global head of Chinmay Mission and the zonal directors of AICHYK, lighting the traditional lamp. The 10th batch yuva veers enacted a skit on how Chyk can help transform the ‘population’ to ‘people’ of India (citizens into patriots of India). Swami Swatmananda, Director AICHYK, took pride in introducing Swami Swaroopananda as the Chyk Swami who became the global head. Swamiji then went on to give statistics on the participation by the various states and centres for the conference. Andhra Pradesh had the maximum number of delegates. Congratulating the various centres, Swami Swaroopananda addressed the gathering. He emphasized on the importance of Chyk in every centre by narrating his personal experiences with Poojya Gurudev Swami Chinmayananda.


The day proceeded with annual Chyk reports by every zone. It was truly inspiring to see how the chyk activities have progressed from the previous years and see new chyk initiatives being supported by all the wings of Chinmaya Mission. From the East, we have Orissa being most consistent in conducting annual chyk and balvihar camps and the West zone conducted successful fund raising programmes for YEP 11 and Chinmaya Pradeep through a series of sound and light show titled 'Just Like That'. The north zone conducted its unique ‘Rang bharo’, an annual drawing-painting competition where 2500+ kids participated assisted by 150+ volunteers, the south zone got applauded for its 14th consecutive COOL Camp with 750 kids, 75 volunteers and 20 schools’ participation. This year's overall report was not only impressive but also filled the youngsters with more zeal to take up more initiatives for this year.


The participants were delighted to witness the inauguration of ‘Swanubhuti Vatika’, an enlightenment Park which invites visitors to reflect about themselves by themselves.  After this enriching experience, the delegates were moved by Swami Chidrupananda’s talk on the requisite qualities of a chyk that he communicated through his interactions with Poojya Gurudev. The post dinner, games session enthralled the youngsters by breaking the barriers of respective zones and playing as one Team.


“Win the mind; win the world”, roared Swami Swaroopananda on the next day. He expounded on being great beneficiaries when we follow our values before preaching them. Swami Swatmananda, National Director, AICHYK declared the National project and National Camp which would be brainstormed upon this year and launched in the coming year. Groups had a discussion and came up with brilliant ideas to execute the project. Swami Anukoolandanda, South Zone Director, AICHYK led the session on Regional projects which are to be taken up for this year. The next session fulfilled the purpose of creating awareness on inspiring youth for YEP 11, YEP- Malayalam batch, importance of subscribing for the youth magazine- Chinmaya Udghosh and the CHYK Website. Also, a presentation was made on various courses offered by Chinmaya University by the Registrar of the University, Shri Suresh Subramanian. The conference came to an end with a Paduka puja being performed by Swami Chidrupananda on his last year as a AICHYK director, North zone.


The participants were enthusiastic to implement the various policies and plans for the year.

With Poojya Gurudev's grace, we hope to take the youth of the country to work for a greater cause and make inspiring leaders of the world.

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