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Anandvan Bhuvani

"What the country needs is role models.  There was no dearth of them in the past.  You must perform a sound and light show on the life of the great Guru of Shivaji Maharaj - Samartha Ramdasa, who is known and revered by all in Maharashtra.  It will be a transformation for you and an education for the audience." Pujya Gurudev Swami Chinmayananda instructed a band of enthusiastic CHYKs in Pune.  Thus was born a drama named Anandavan-Bhuvani(A joyful dream-kingdom of Dharma - Rama Rajya - Conceived by the saint Ramdasa) It was directed by Rajadutta, with a musical score by Datta Rawjekar and a script by Sudhir Moghe, all famous in the field of Indian Theatre.  This multi-stage open-air mega-event included a cast of over a hundred youngsters who performed 66 shows between 1982 and 2009.  Milind Tilak who played the lead role for all the shows says,  "I received lots of prizes and surprises, pleasures and treasures that I will carry even beyond my grave"  One devotee was apprehensive about the disco lights being used in the show.  He felt that the young audience would think about the disco during the show.  Gurudev retorted, "Remember! They will also think of Samartha Ramdasa each time they go to the disco."

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