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The Vision

Here are simple ways to contribute to the Nation at 7 different levels. An individual/Educational Institution/Corporate/Club/Society etc. may take this up and celebrate one week dedicated to the Nation. Each day there is an activity to do, dedicated to the nation. There is a slogan also which can be cut and worn on that day to create awareness. The design in enclosed below.
Let us be Proactive Citizens an
d DO the following.


Patriotic Transformation: Rastra Devo Bhawa
At 7am the whole stands for the National Anthem
12 months 12 resolution – 1 Transformed Citizen. Take the oath given on Page 44 of Transforming Indians book and follow it. Log onto to give the India Intelligent Quotient Test

Physical Transformation: Do Your Bit to make India Fit-
Do Surya Namaskar With your Family 12 times (Practise this daily to be able to do 12 times continuously)
Click a Picture of your Family doing Surya Namaskar.
Upload the picture in our Facebook Profile by 10am latest.
Change your status to “ Doing my bit to make India Fit.”

Emotional Transformation: Break the boundaries, expand love for all!
A band which says – Bound to Each other with love and respect.
Tie one band to a member of your family and the other band to a neighbour, friend, colleague etc. Especially someone with whom you have some difficulties in the relationship.
Learn to let go and live in love. Read Page no. 131

Intellectual Transformation: India Thinks India Shines!
Give the online Swadharma Test and concentration test either at your School/College. You could also visit our website to give the test and view the results

Spiritual Transformation – India Meditates India Radiates
Chant the mantra “Rashtra Devo Bhava” 27 times by keeping an Indian flag before you or visualizing the flag
Maintain two minutes of silence to send out positive thoughts for India’s well being. Feel grateful for your country and all that it has done for you.

Cultural Transformation: Apna Style Indian Style
Greet everyone you meet today with a Namaste , and tell yourself in the heart “I greet the Divine in you”
Touch the feet of your parents or call them and express your love and respect towards them

Universal Transformation: The World is One Family
Today is no “No Shower Day”(Take bath without using the overhead shower. Conserve water) , “No Air Conditioner Day at Home” & “No Non-Veg day” Chant the following sloka once:
Lokah samstah sukhino bhavantu
Sarvae bhavantu sukhinaha; Sarvae santu niramayaha
Sarve bhadrani pashyantu; Makashith dukka bhag bhavet. Om Shanti Shanti Shanti….
May everyone be happy. May everyone be free from suffering
May everyone see the auspicious. May no one go through pain. OM Peace Peace Peace

Please mail us your name, address and cell no. on incase you are observing the Transformation Week.

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