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Just a quick ‘Drop’…

Drop, Drop It, Just Drop It (Drop), written and produced theatrical performance by CHYK Hongkong, had its debut at City Hall on 12th of March. The cast of over sixty was compromised of local talent but had international help. From pen and paper to final rehearsals, the production and cast included high school students to our very own uncles, Drop resourced and included amazing artists and help throughout the entire process. 

Drop is six acts filled with relatable humor and life lessons. The writers were focused on keeping the production very Hong Kong centric, so the audience would connect with each of the main characters on various levels. Intertwined with gravity, wit, and pure thoughts, the take back from the show was meant to be striking to every adult age group. 

Vivek (Abhimanyu Naranyanmoorthy) has just made a major debacle at work; live on air and to millions of viewers! His whole career plummets before him. While at home, Sharanya (Bhavini Raval) his loving wife of eight years is going through her own loss. Their friends have shunned them, their invites to major galas cancelled, their savings depleted. Both Vivek and Sharanya start to question their values, their necessities, and their attitude to their life and those around them. 

As many have learned, it is when it is darkest; there is always a chance for light. Surya (Ashwin Patravali) comes into Vivek’s life just as he seems to be at his lowest. Quickly, Surya becomes the light and the mentor Vivek desperately needs. They develop a relationship akin to that of Krishna and Arjuna. During the crossroads Vivek faces in each of the acts, Surya is there – faithful and endearing – helping him overcome and DROP such vices as anger, fear and pride. These vices have been holding Vivek back for years and once he conquers his thoughts and these challenges, his load lightened, he begins to live purposefully again. 

To ascertain a lively audience, the producers also managed to embrace local dance talent, such as an Invocation Dance, Tai Chi Troupe, Bhangra Group, Rope Dancers, and a Bharatnatyam Performance through the play. Drop’s theme music, captivating and memorable, was an original compilation. The highlight of the show was specially produced Theme Dance, choreographed and performed by Anushka Bharvani from Singapore. Catching the audience emotionally through a short movement piece, each of her intricate dance moves was centered on explicitly fighting each vice at the end of an act. 

Backstage, the direction and production team became a conjoined unit. Musicans, bankers, and homemakers alike all pooled their energy into late nights at the Chinmaya Seva Ashram to facilitate a smooth and enjoyable show. So far, Drop has seen tremendous reviews. The positive outpouring is overwhelming and the 2nd show of it was reproduced by CHYK Manila in June 2013! 


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