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"This lamp is generally used in south Indian Temples and ancient houses, as a lantern to carry with them when going in darkness. This is light in transit. Generally this is lit at the main lamp and the individual carries this light with him when he goes out. Enroute it has less chance of dying and if sufficiently broad and thick wick is used. Against sudden gushes of wind the flame is to be protected by a guarding palm. This lamp has at its middle a wide container to carry oil, and the spoon on the chain is to feed the wick with oil from time to time.

Let this lamp be our emblem for the Yuva Kendra. Let each one of you be a lamp lit at the main light at His Altar, and may each one of you have enough faith and devotion born out of your study and knowledge, to feed from time to time the mind that lights up the path with its incandescence.

You are all torch-bearers for the world, spreading the light of the Eternal-Scriptures that you yourselves have studied and practiced. This is the significance of this emblem.”


                                                                                                                    -  Swami Chinmayananda

Emblem of Chyk

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