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Outthink Uncertainty: Bhaja Govindam

The 10th Global CHYK Camp for Youth aged 18-35

Bhaja Govindam is one of the most inspired compositions of Adi

Sankaracharya. The 31 concise verses are a spiritual wake-up call like no

other. Each verse is systematically yet seamlessly tailored to explain the

necessity to lead, and means to achieve, a life of right knowledge and

attitude, thus providing the key to mastering all dimensions of life.

Youth is a time of yearning for self-development and growth: in careers,

identities, relationships, wealth and most importantly, spirituality. From the

words of one of the greatest Hindu philosophists have emerged the very

jewels for us, in today’s day and age, to excel in each of these fields. This

year, join youth from all around the world to bask under the tutelage of Pujya

Swami Swaroopanandaji, Head of the Chinmaya Mission Worldwide, as He

expounds on the glories of Bhaja Govindam. In this seven-day experience

that you will wholeheartedly cherish, Swamiji will guide us to successfully fulfil

each of our goals, be it career or family related, or the call of the Infinite! 

Begin your new year with a Global CHYK Camp on Bhaja Govindam, in the

picturesque campus of Chinmaya International Residential School in

Coimbatore, India, with like-minded youth from all over the globe. 

Global CHYK Camp provides a unique and transformational journey for every

single attendee. In a serene environment, you will have the opportunity

immerse yourself in knowledge, discussions and tailored activities.  Under the

compassionate mentorship of Swamiji, you will have plenty of time to reflect,

and actualise the knowledge and tips that Swamiji teaches. 


We can’t express the magnitude of self-development that Global CHYK Camp

offers enough- you’ll have to experience it for yourself this year…. Try, You


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