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Guest Faculty

Anil Sachdev  

CEO and Founder of SOIL

Given his belief in the power of education, Anil decided to create SOIL- the School of Inspired Leadership to provide management education with focus on ethics, community partnerships, sustainability and other leadership aspects that the world of today badly needs.

Education at SOIL is driven by distinguished faculty who have taught and consulted across the world. They help build a real time global perspective of the business world, and explore new paradigms in learning and innovation.  Higher education is no longer about addressing a hundred bright minds on Marketing or Finance from a podium; but engaging them in a dialogue which is meaningful and collaborative. Using participant centric learning, our emphasis is on building leaders for the future. Students at SOIL also learn through interactions with stalwarts from industry. The aim is for participants to imbibe what it takes to be a leader who is not only competent but who has the humility, wisdom, compassion and ability to inspire others.

Radhakrishnan Pillai 

 Author of Corporate Chanakya

Radhakrishnan Pillai, a man who searched history for how to lead his company in the right direction.

“I started my corporate journey as an ordinary sales person. From there I went on to work in various companies and industries. The last job was handling All India sales for a publishing company. However, from the year 2000 onwards I went to start my own business venture called Atma Darshan which was the biggest turning point in my life. To better my business I went to study the Chanakya management ideas of Kautilya's Arthashastra and in no time I started training and teaching people on leadership and managemen

D.K. Hari

Founder of Bharath Gyan

Hari is your go-to myth buster, for many of the occurences in Indian history. Together he and his wife have travelled to over 30 countries and have in this process visited over 200 museums, theme parks, libraries, expositions, pageants and special cultural attractions. This exposure has motivated them to initiate "Bharath Gyan" – A project to collate information on the knowledge in India through the ages. In the last 13 years, they have prepared over 108 multimedia capsules on different subjects on the knowledge of Indian, through which the audience can easily understand and appreciate this knowledge of India. They have authored over 10 books and many more are in the pipeline. They have also made about 5 documentary films and more are coming. With Bharath Gyan, they would like to encourage those inclined to explore the world of science through our heritage as well

Prasad Deole 

Co-founder of Z-Bac

Prasad Deole, a man who sieved through many business ideas, finally explored the virgin territory of adventure sports and outbound training. His love for nature and sports could now be adopted into his daily routine, through being the co-founder of Z-bac Adventures.

He conducts training sessions for us at Z-bac giving us a platform to practice values we have learnt in the course.

A soulful singer gifted with a melodious voice, Pramodini Rao is the Director of Chinmaya Naada Bindu. She was trained and guided in light music by her talented mother, Smt. Susheela Acharya in her childhood. She later completed the Visharad course in Hindustani classical music from Bhatkhande University, Lucknow, through Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, Mumbai.

Her classical training, which was moulded during her childhood by Shri Attavar, took shape with her formal training under gurus like Pt. Jal Balaporia, Smt. Shampa Pakrashi, Smt. Shashikala Kaikini and Smt. Usha Deshpande of Mumbai. She is presently receiving advanced training in classical music under Dr. Vikas Kashalkar’s tutelage in Pune.

Pramodini is the co-founder of Chinmaya Swaranjali, the music wing of Chinmaya Mission, consisting of committed and talented members of Chinmaya Mission, dedicated to uplifting the minds of the listeners through devotion. A dedicated teacher, she has sung in and directed many mega light and sound shows under this banner.

Vishnu Karthik

Associate-Director (Projects) of The Heritage Group of Schools

Vishnu is currently the Associate-Director (Projects) of The Heritage Group of Schools – a group of K-12 experiential learning schools with over 6000 children across 3 campuses. Besides being on the executive committee of the schools, Vishnu is responsible for new school projects, school leadership development and advocacy. A firm believer in experiential learning, he is also a grade IX economics teacher. Prior to working in schools, Vishnu was a management consultant with organizations like Accenture, Right Management in the areas of instructional design, learning design, leadership development and organization change management and has delivered projects in India, USA, South East Asia and Europe. Besides his consulting commitments, he has delivered pro-bono assignments for several schools in South and West India in the areas of whole school transformation projects, personal visioning and school leadership development. 
He holds a MBA from Symbiosis Pune and Masters in Education from Harvard Universtiy. While at Harvard, he was awarded the Education Pioneers Graduate School Fellowship. In 2009, he co-authored a book ‘Seeking’ – a collection of ruminations of a seeker on a cargo ship across the Arabian Sea. He is personally passionate about technology in classrooms, personal visioning, cognitive-neuroscience, project based learning, photography and mountaineering.

Pramodini Rao


Director of Chinmaya Naada Bindu (Gurukul for

Performing Arts)

Pradeep Menon

Founder of Lucida

Lucida is a photographers’ collective that aims to develop and support a range of independent and critical photograpic practices, that focus on research and education. Lucida endeavors to influence photographic thinking through a design oriented approach in photography services. One of his noteworthy assignments was being the shoot for Mr. Rahul Gandhi , where he followed him at close quarters for his campaign in Pondicherry.

Pundalik Wagh

Pundlik Wagh is a courageous, adventurous, alert and detached personality and is deeply involved with the aim of serving the nation. 
He dedicated two years to serve the nation and travelled alone by bike covering 21000 kilometers within 108 days, visited all 28 states of Bharat, 50 cities, 80 colleges, 200 villages, and interacted with around 6500 youngsters.

Rukma Naik 

Editor of CU  / Director, Goa Education Development Corporation

A Director on Goa Educational Development Corporation, Rukma is an immensely talented, hard working and dynamic Editor of our Youth Magazine Chinmaya Udghosh. Primarily, an educationalist with a post graduate degree in Psychology, is known for her insightful writings on varied topics.   An avid nature enthusiast, who loves to travel, has a keen interest in adventure sports.  She is a proud Yuva Veer from the first batch and an inspiration for anyone who would want to walk the ‘other way’ to take the road less traveled

Vijayakumar Karthikeyan

An actor who found his passion through the stage shows put up by Chinmaya Yuva Kendra, at the age of 22 already completed a film, working on another film as an assistant director and has begun his journey of writing, directing and acting in his own film.  Karthik, will co-conduct theatre workshops which will include some acting drills and skills with a final output of a play created by each team

Shiva Suryanvanshi

Acting has always been a childhood dream for this young man, but unlike many of us, this dream did not just remain a dream. He completed the Youth Empowerment Programme in the 2nd batch and through some of their projects, he gained the confidence and skills to become an actor. He is now specializing in doing monologues that he writes and performs, of which one of them is on Paramvir that has been performed as inspiration acts in several national forces. Shiva, will co-conduct the theatre workshop with Karthik and share his experiences with us

Trishna Gulajrani

A graduate in English Literature, Trishna Gulrajani has been associated with Chinmaya Mission since 2000, first as a CHYK and Executive Committee Member in London, U.K, and more recently as camp-co-ordinator at Chinmaya Vibhooti, Kolwan since 2008. She has been involved in a few projects of Chinmaya Yuva Kendra, including Geeta For Yuva Powerpoint preparation and writing for the book Rama - The Man of Treta Yuga, as well as being a regular contributor to Chinmaya Udghosh. Being a resident at Chinmaya Vibhooti, she is involved in various areas of seva at the Mission's prestigious Vision Centre.

Dr. Sunitha Shanker is Clinical Psychologist with 20 years of experience.
Has worked in psychiatry departments of Somaiya Hospital, INHS Ashwini (Indian Navy) and National University Hospital (Singapore). After working in hospitals for 15 years is in private practice for the last 5 years

Sunitha Shanker

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