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Purohit Course

Hinduism is not about rituals, nor against them. We are a race of informed practice. 

Performance of rituals has its own impact on the entire personality and environment, and thus are highly recommended. However, the rituals have come to be the means of commercialisation of Hindu religion and thus the larger population has come to lose faith in these power techniques of quietening the mind, fulfilling desires and purifying the ambience. 


At such times like ours, all we need is people trained and equipped to perform rituals in an authentic and understandable manner. Thus, our army of Purohits trained at the Purohit Course at Chinmaya Gardens, Coimbatore. 


The first batch was conducted by Br.Samvit Chaitanya, and now Swami Paratmananda conducts the course for the consecutive batches. 


This is a residential course for one and a half years during which the students are trained in Puja Vidhis, Shodasha Samskaaras, Vaidik Chanting, Agni Karya, Vratas, Upasanas, Homas and all other rituals like Grihapravesham, Upanayanam, and Marriage in the traditional method with the proper understanding. They also learn Sanskrit, English, Astrology and more about Hindu Culture.


During the course the boarding and lodging of the students are taken care of by the Chinmaya Garden Trust. No course fee is taken and after completion of the course, the purohits may opt to work at the various shrines managed by Chinmaya Mission or pursue their own individual interests. 


Two courses have been successfully completed so far at Chinmaya Gardens, Coimbatore. The course eligibility is between 12 and 30 years. 


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