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Details of the teams and work involved is mentioned below.  Please contact us at to volunteer for any of the teams mentioned below.  

Research and Compilation

·       Research from the resources of Chinmaya Mission, Tapovan Prasad etc. to compile the content.

·       Compile the content for various sections of the website.  

·       Content is required for daily updates, weekly updates, monthly updates and yearly updates.

·       If content is hard-copy, then type it out and make it soft copy. 

·       Proof read content; don’t make changes on the copies which have been given. 

·       Details: tagging – taking essential key-words from the content and tagging it, so that on hitting a search, it                 
comes up. 

·       Give suggestions about which picture to use & if possible, add a picture and send content. 

·       Forward the content to the Overall Content Co-ordinator.  

Creative Writing

·       How best can the context be presented? Appealing, Youth Centric, Mature…

·       Write introductory pieces for certain content / sections on the website.  

·       Write fresh pieces for dynamic pages/sections, reports, articles, your experiences with CHYK etc. 

·       Format the content of the website and make it more creative

·       Give suggestions about which picture to use & if possible, add a picture and send content. 

·       Forward to the Overall Content Co-ordinator.

Editing & Proof Reading

·       Get the content from the content-co-ordinator

·       New and revised articles would be given to this team – review both

·       Check for content flaws, proof read for all grammar – tense, punctuation, sentence construction, paragraphs, etc. 

·       Check for youth- relevance of the material received from R&C team

·       Forward to the Uploading team. 

Uploading & Updating

·       Obtain the content from the editing proof reading team  / overall content co-ordinator 

·       Verify all content – and before uploading onto website, wait for written confirmation from co-ordinator/in-      


·       Use the Content management system at the backend to update and upload.

·       Set system for regular updates: Update Cycle – daily, weekly, monthly, yearly.

·       Run checks on a timeline basis: check for doubles, errors, dead links, etc.




·       Identify source: Which speaker, which singer, name of talks, album, etc.

·       Categorize the content given. (Categories: Spiritual, Patriotic, Management, Indian Culture, etc).

·       Check quality: audibility, clarity, completeness.

·       Transcribe if required, according to co-ordinator/in-charge

·       Edit: cut disturbances, irrelevant elements like invocation before bhajan, Mic check, etc.

·       Subtitle it, if required.

·       Review content and pass it to the overall content co-ordinator


·       Subtitling mandatory for Poojya Gurudev’s videos, any other if required. 

·       Same process as audio part from that.

·       Videos would mostly be presented in the form of clips. Thus, the essential portions of the video can be cut and             kept.

·       Review content; – while doing so, check for continuity of video clips.

·       Forward the content to overall content-co-ordinator. 

Informative films/publicity videos/teasers, etc

·       Keep target audience in mind while making videos.

·       Specific themes/concepts like Festivals, camps, YEP, CHYK, etc.

·       Youth friendly films on Gurudev, Guruji, Acharyas/CM.

·       Brief given by co-ordinator/in-charge must be followed. 

·       Use compatible software



·       Identify photos/images.  Take from Research/creative team or any other team

·       Check quality: pixilation, blurring, faded shades, etc

·       Enhance or edit on Photoshop.

·       Forward to Site Design team.

Site Design: 

·       Responsible for overall look and feel for the website: layout, colours, placing of content, etc

·       Co-ordinate with every department to know their requirements, to give them suggestions, etc

·       Individual elements like – homepage, panels, banners, announcements, etc.

·       Create designs for upcoming events; create images related to content.  Take content from Photo/Images team

·       Forward content to the uploading team / overall content co-ordinators 

·       Design the Online Update each month which has the new updates displayed in a hyperlinked file so that the user

        gets all the updates on the site at one place. 


·       Co-ordination with Swami Swatmananda & Site Incharge(s)

·       Communication with the following  people/teams across the world

                Centres In-charge

                Udghosh In-charge

                Acharyas In-charge

                AICHYK Council Team

                Chyk West Team

                Chyk Class & Sevak In-charge

                CHYK Website team


·       Send out mailers to the above incharges. 

·       Send announcement mails, promotion mails of any upcoming events etc.

·       Email the Online Update – Monthly to all users registered on the database.


·       Process the data collected at the backend

·       Send relevant data to concerned centre on a set timeline basis.

·       Handle enquiries

·       Analyse the data collected and keep the CHYK Website team informed about the statistics of no. of classes, chyk

        centers registered and other similar parameters which will help us to know the pattern of usage of the site.  


·       Follow up with the online transactions. 

·       Raise sponsorships for the website

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