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Family Pact Workshops

When professionals like Doctors, Psychologists, Life-skill trainers, Corporate leaders & Philosophers put their heads together for a noble cause, PACT no longer means an agreement or a contract! 

A unique workshop for families to empower themselves with a better understanding and increased togetherness designed by these professionals where the unspoken agreement in family relationships are explored & enhanced. Here, all participants, across age groups, from grandparents to grandchildren together unearth various perspectives which would enrich the quality of one’s family life, in a fun learning way. 

PACT is a workshop which benefits the individuals and their family units at three levels. First, it helps us to identify possible Problem causing factors in relationships. Second, a Solution is elucidated about the various perspectives & different ways of managing the problems identified. And lastly, the goal of family life – Evolution of the individual & the family unit is depicted through various case studies & activities.

With the idea of ‘Harmonious families make harmonious communities and harmonious communities make a progressive nation’, PACT is designed for a better tomorrow.


Drop Workshops


When the regrets trouble, just DROP!
When disappointments become shackles, just DROP!
When pessimism is your obsession, just DROP!

Gather joy DROPs with a smile!
Collect opportunity DROPs all the while!
Pick up love DROPs in real style!

When selfishness DROPs, there’s no I and mine.
When negativity DROPs, you begin to feel fine.
When ego DROPs, you experience the DIVINE!

In life, there is much to “DROP” and many “DROPs” to gather.
Very often in life, we DROP the wrong things and gather the wrong DROPs.
We DROP relationships, but hold on to hurts. We DROP values and gather valuables.

We DROP fitness and collect unhealthy addictions.

What to DROP? How to DROP? How much to DROP?

DROP – a unique workshop intends to help us find our own answers to these life-changing questions through the unique method of participative learning. DROP, an acronym for Dependency Regret Obsession and Pessimism guides one to Drop the right things in life and gather the right Drops.

Yuva For Geeta Workshops


To pay tribute to Pujya Gurudev Swami Chinmayananda, 'Yuva for Geeta' project is been taken up during Sadhana week which is 3rd Aug (Pujya Gurudev Swami Chinmayananda's Mahasamadhi day) onwards every year. 
In this project, children from 9,10 or 11 (approx 32 children from our CVs) are trained on selected verses of Bhagwad Geeta and they go and teach it to their juniors i.e. 6,7,8th standard.
For execution four verses are selected from Bhagwad Geeta for which power point presentations are prepared. Two students in a pair teach 1 module for 15 mins in each class. 
The children are trained for maximum three days including ‘mock session‘ and the fourth day would be the Execution.


Are you stressed?? Do you get angry at the drop of a hat? Do you want to know what love is? How do you find your passion?

Do you have such questions ? We also do theme based workshops to cater to any specific themes or issues you might be facing.


We have done workshops on :

* Stress Management

* Anger Management

* Love

* Mindfulness

* and much more...


Theme Based Workshops
Movie Workshop


Watch movies 'thoda hatke' ! instead of popcorn,there will be lots of food for thought. We dive into the depths of the movie to take back some really insights and lessons.Make those 2 hours count and may be even change your life :D

We conduct movie workshops, in which we watch movies together and have discussions,debates and do many more innovative activities to learn together and grow together!! 


Workshop Series


Sometimes a single workshop doesn't let one understand very aspect of a topic. Thus,understand a topic in depth through a series of workshops.The series consists an average of 4 to 5 workshops to cover a topic. If you're a busy person(most of us are! ), these workshop series are meant just for you! block an hour every week for a month and discover and explore a topic that interests you! Can't make it physically?? We have Webinars too!



When the individual minds are ignited organizations transform and society evolves. This is the core philosophy of Chinmaya Academy of Management (CAM), an institution with a post-modern approach to development.

Recognizing the widespread pressing need to equip individuals from all backgrounds with life management tools, CAM Chennai Chapter was established in the year 2011. The first Institute of Management was established in early 1993 at Bangalore by H.H.Swami Chinmayananda.

At CAM ‘Unlearning is learning’ and ‘fun learning’ is the methodology. Participants unfold and emerge from a closeted mind deeply colored by prejudices. A wide range of workshops and seminars for corporate houses, entrepreneurs, field personnel and educational institutions to bring positive change in the various spheres of society have been devised and delivered.

Interesting unfoldment happens. People from factory floor workers to Vice Presidents do carry similar prejudices. Unload and create space for freshness that is the goal each time a session is attempted. Whether it is handling fear, anger, emotions, relationship, leadership, change, stress, unlearning is the key.

The planet earth is certainly beautiful and harmless; it is the man whose mind needs re-engineering. Fix the man and the world is fixed.

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