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About CTC


- A unique platform for YOUth to explore and manifest their potential in a relaxed, open forum. An opportunity to understand, learn and respect human behavior, achievements and environment.

- A get-together of individuals who want to make a difference in their lives, in society, and our nation.

- A movement that advocates individuality based on collective consciousness, freedom of choice based on discriminative thinking, liberation and empowerment based on knowledge.

- A process that goes beyond the ASK principle (Attitude, Skills, Knowledge), delves into spirituality and psychology, voyages into unexplored values to decipher the secret of success and happiness.



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Are the YOUth plagued with these questions….

Dare YOUth to question, seek the answers, find the real meaning!


Are YOUth confused about careers, relationships, emotions….

Be Aware of your choices, how to make the right decision every time!


Are YOUth stressed, feel victimized, daunted,….

 Take Care! Master your fears, anxiety, self esteem. Discover the secret of growth and empowerment!


Are the YOUth ready to lead the second fastest economy in the world!

Share! Uncover the leader, team player, innovator, explorer in you!


How does it operate?

Through engaging activity oriented workshops, hands-on experiential learning, guidance from experts in their fields this club is all about making a difference with a difference!

Every week a workshop will be conducted on the selected skill/value combination. This workshop could be oftwo hours or 5 hours (indoor movie workshop) depending upon the topic and the activity! This will be followed up by a hands-on/expert special session to internalize the skill/value.

What can I expect to gain from it?

  • Break stereotypes, shatter myths and mis-beliefs, discover lost wisdom, uncover latent talent, develop clarity in thought, word and action….

  • Leadership skills

  • Event Management skills

  • Confidence

  • Communication

And much more……..Get ready to get rocked!

On successful completion of the sessions, get a certificate!! 

If this journey of self-discovery sounds exciting, challenging, fun and YOU want to be a part of it, sign up through the enclosed membership form. 

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