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Why Serve

"We Believe that the service of our country is the service of the Lord

of Lords and Devotion to the people is the devotion to the Supreme Self."   

Why serve?

Service is of two kinds. One is the act of service and other is the spirit of service. In CHYK we engage in both as we believe that one without the other is incomplete.  Through all our projects, programmes, knowledge sessions and activities we internalize and express the spirit of service.

We contribute to the service of :
a. Country, Culture & Community
b. Cause, Effect & Beyond.
c. Creation, Creature, Creator
d. Children, Youth & Adults

We serve Knowledge, Love & Happiness through our efforts which are to eradicate the root cause of all problems in the society - Ignorance and lack of selflessness.  Through our regular classes, dynamic camps, cultural performances, national programmes etc. we inspire youth to have a higher vision, devotion for the country and culture and live lives of inspiration serving as an example for others around them.
We also have medical centres, orphanages, hospitals, villages where regular service is rendered by the youth. Eg. Anant Free Medical Centre in Tamaraipakkam in Chennai where thousands of villagers are treated in medical camps held on every sunday.
Youth from India and abroad take time off and serve for a few months in CORD - Chinmaya Organisation for Rural Development.  They serve in the villages of Himachal Pradesh, Tamilnadu, Orissa etc.
When the Nation faces crisis like Kargil war, Tsunami, Gujarat and Latur earth quakes, Orissa Cyclone we have taken up various service projects like relief measures in calamities, long term rehabilitation, counselling etc.

As Chyks we feel very privileged and honored to serve because it provides us with an opportunity to learn about ourselves and how we can utilize our full potential for the benefit of all.

Chyks work to touch the lives of those around them. At some point in time, we all realize that we want to do something that truly makes a difference, something that helps someone in their search for unending joy.
Service is the perfect way to discover what you’re capable of and make it count!
Chyk presents to you ‘Serve and Deserve’ – a rare opportunity for you to Do what you love, unleash your true potential and touch the lives of others by working for a cause! The reward-finding joy in each day that you live! And what more? 
If taking up a fulltime work is difficult, you can even benefit out of it, on a voluntary basis. We also provide internships in certain areas.


CHYK Website
Central Chinmaya Mission Trust

The Central Chinmaya Mission Trust (CCMT), headquartered in Mumbai offers you a variety of projects to serve. From Publications to Archiving to IT work to Video-making and editing to Educational & Service projects to managing different centres and Ashrams of Chinmaya Mission and much more, CCMT provides an array of work for you to choose from!

Chinmaya Organizaton for Rural Development
Central Chinmaya Mission Trust
Serve your Local Centre
Chinmaya Organization for Rural Development

Chinmaya Organization for Rural Development, helps you to connect with the ‘Rural India’, empowering them and making a difference in their lives alongside yours. This national rural-based project, which began in Sidhbari, Himachal Pradesh, has now its presence in various parts of Tamil Nadu, Orissa, Andhra Pradesh with its Head Office at Delhi. Its work will soon be influencing people in other states as well.

The CHYK Website

If you have the will, we have the way...

CHYK Website needs the support of CHYKs across the world to keep the experience of the website as rocking as it is.

Writers, Proof-readers, graphic designers, editors, copy-writers all are required for the content.

We need co-ordinators for each Country, City / Center to keep the site updated.  

Team to update the content using the simple content management system is required to work at the backend.  

Many more teams are required.

Chyk Website
Serve your local centre!

Chinmaya Mission takes up several activities that also need the contribution of the youth.

Learn more about these activites at :

Find your nearest CHYK centre from the website and drop-in a request to find more about the activities that they undertake there and get associated!


Interested in volunteering with us?

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